Vitevis presents its first 100% carbon neutral wines

Emissions generated from bottle production were neutralized through certified carbon credits

Sustainable wines.
Good for the consumer but also good for the earth and the land.

For us, sustainability is a journey, an ongoing process, and not an end point.

With more than 1,300 wine-growing members, working on a 2700-hectare vineyard area between Verona and Vicenza, we share good practices and guidelines for combining care for the environment and production of quality wines.

Our agricultural practices aim to protect and enrich biodiversity, conserve water resources, use energy efficiently and reduce environmental impact. Respect for the soil we grow and the air we breathe can be found in every grape we harvest.

Every step of our production process, from the care of the vines to the transformation in the winery to the sale of the finished product, is marked by our commitment to ensuring that every glass poured is not only a unique sensory experience but also a conscious choice for the well-being of the environment.

At Vitevis, we firmly believe that excellence is cultivated with responsibility. Therefore, we continue to walk the path of sustainability, knowing that every small step is part of a big change.