Vitevis and Alpini together for the 95th National Assembly

Vitevis is a sponsor of the Adunata Nazionale Alpini 2024, two realities that share the same values: concreteness, genuineness, sharing, memory and love for their land.

Vitevis is officially a sponsor of theAdunata Nazionale Alpini 2024, the partnership agreement was signed last Wednesday, October 18, during the press conference dedicated to the event.

The 95th Alpine National Assembly will be held May 10-12, 2024 in Vicenza, the city most voted for by the ANA (National Alpine Association) National Executive Board. The Iberian city will host the event for the second time, after 1991.

All ANA Sections (80 Italian and 35 foreign) will participate, and during the entire event about 500,000 people (including Alpines, family members, sympathizers, etc.) are expected to attend.

Why did the Alpini choose Vitevis?

Each year the National Board of Directors of the Alpini defines partnerships and involves the most representative companies in the area where the event will take place. Companies that embody the values and spirit of the Alpini: concreteness, genuineness, sharing, memory and love for their land.

This is why the Alpini chose Vitevis, a cooperative composed of 1350 members (on an area of 2,800 hectares of vineyards) who share the same philosophy, based on sustainable production. A reality that, just like the Alpini, starting from the protection of tradition, looks to the future by involving so many people, through teamwork.

“It is certainly an honor for us,” began Silvano Nicolato, president of Vitevis and a former Alpine , “almost all of our families, directly or indirectly, have at least one Alpine at home. During military service, mustering was an important and shared moment, a way to team up. Vitevis like the Alpini represents a team, we have achieved success because of our social team.

We try to enhance an area and transfer prosperity by carrying out shared projects, we are made of the same stuff, we are Alpines in concepts and values, and I believe that most of the people in this area can mirror the values of the Alpines.”

Two special box sets dedicated to the 95th National Alpine Assembly

Stefano Argenton, Sales Manager Italy of Vitevis, presented an exclusive preview of two special souvenir-boxes dedicated to the 95th National Alpine Assembly 2024.

The box set with 2 bottles (Lessini Durello DOC Spumante Brut Millesimato by Cantina di Gambellara and “Carlo V” Rosso Veneto IGT by Colli Vicentini) will be available at Sections, Alpine Groups and stores in the Province while the special 3-bottle package (Custoza DOC, Lessini Durello Spumante Brut and Bardolino DOC from Cantina del Garda) will be offered in large-scale distribution.

“Gathering is sharing, friendship., when you are an Alpine once you are an Alpine forever,” stressed Lino Marchiori, president of the ANA Vicenza Monte Pasubio Section. “The event will involve all sections in the province of Vicenza and our charnel houses, to remember those 20-year-olds who fought in these mountains and sacrificed their lives.”

“As an association we want to pass on knowledge and love for the territory,” said Sebastiano Favero, ANA national president. “Our rallies are a time for recreation, but they also represent a testimony of gratitude for a territory and a moment of stimulation. A people cannot look forward if they do not have the ability to share and awareness of their territory. That’s what Homecoming is all about, valuing sociality: Being together over a glass of wine means sharing a sign of friendship.”