Cantina di Gambellara,
since 1947

The excellence of a historic winemaking monopoly, and more

Cantina di Gambellara is the first cooperative winery in the province of Vicenza, established in 1947 on the foundations of the previous co-op, Enopolio di Gambellara, which was founded in 1920.

It’s located in the eponymous village of Gambellara on the border with Verona, in the final stretch of the Lessini Mountains at around 250-500 metres above sea level. The gentle landscape is covered with vines and is characterised by a lush valley with several streams and an extinct volcano with black basalts.

Today as then

Grapes and wines: an essential part of life

Back in 1920, grapes were cultivated to produce wine for the farmers’ families; grapes and wine were an essential part of life. It was here that a few farmers decided to join forces by founding a cooperative dedicated to selling wine and other food products, as well as to support members in teaching new wine-growing techniques and to ensure a stable income for their families.


Cradle of basalts and dark rocks

Basalt and dark soils, distinctive elements of the area, give our wines an extraordinary, aromatic quality, making every sip a journey through the history and unique terroir of this special region.