Cantina di Castelnuovo del Garda,
since 1958

Wines from the breezy Lake Garda

Since April 1958, the Cantina Sociale Veronese del Garda, consisting originally of just a few hectares and only 11 founding members, has experienced a gradual, yet constant growth. Strategically located in Castelnuovo del Garda, close to the lake and at a short distance from the famed city of love, Verona, it has become a popular hotspot for tourists from all over the world by offering an unforgettable journey through the history, culture, and quality wine of the area.

Moraine origin

Limestone soils rich in fossil debris

The vineyards, largely located on soils of morainic origin impart an unmistakable minerality to the wines produced.

A unique microclimate

Lake Garda

The Cantina’s influence extends into the picturesque hills southeast of Lake Garda, covering the prestigious Bardolino, Custoza, Lugana, and Bardolino Superiore DOCG denominations.