Tullio I°

Spumante Brut Prosecco D.O.C. Millesimato – Cuvee del Fondatore


The charismatic Tullio Pranovi was the first founding member of Cantina Colli Vicentini. The Prosecco DOC Millesimato has been dedicated to him, a tribute to the man who helped shape the foundations of this company. This particular label commemorates his commitment and underlines the importance of sparkling wine traditions, a fundamental pillar of this winery.

Carlo V

Il Rosso dell’Imperatore
Rosso Veneto I.G.T

“Charles V, ruler of an empire on which the sun never sets, is on his way to Bologna to meet Pope Clement II. Along the way he stops at Montecchio Maggiore. At the grand banquet held in his honour, among many gifts he’ll be presented with nine barrels of excellent wine. A gift much appreciated by the refined emperor”.

The Carlo V ‘Il Rosso dell’Imperatore” Rosso Veneto I.G.T. is a Bordeaux blend with mostly merlot, made according to ancient vinification and appassimento (grape drying) techniques.

Le Macine

Lessini Durello Metodo Classico

Our Lessini Durello Metodo Classico ‘Le Macine’ is an extraordinary wine that is carefully aged for at least 36 months on the lees. The distinctive character of the high-quality grapes from the Lessini hills is evident in this elegant and refined wine.