Our four wineries are in the heart of the Veneto Region, between Verona, Vicenza and Venice. This area has been gifted with volcanic and glacial soil which is particularly suitable for grape growing, also owing to its temperate climate and good exposure to the sun.

The Berici Hills particularly, which originated about 60 million years ago after an upthrust of the surface, have very clayey soil that gives their wines a body; in the Gambellara area the dark, fine-grained volcanic rock helps to exalt its wines with a fine aroma and bouquet; while the soil in the Lake Garda area is morainic, loose and with an abundance of resistant sediment which bestows an intense minerality on its wines.

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Vitevis. A new image with strong symbolic value.

Many have asked us where the idea for this new image came from, which we have decided to use in all our communications, from our new website to labels, headed paper and all printed promotional material.
First of all, the name ëVitevisí, in Latin ëvite visí, means ëstrength of the vineí, but we like to think that it is also the strength of a territory and its people. Vitevis is also an acronym of Viticoltori Terre Vicentine S.c.a., a coincidence that made us understand we were on the right path.

And then the logo: why this big V with a grid underneath?

The V indicates the first letter of Vitevis, but also reminds us of a grape cluster stylized as a triangle, a triangle with three sides, and three angles, like the three wineries making up the cooperative.
Under the V, you can see a grid that recalls the plan of Andrea Palladioís La Rotonda (1566), designed as a country residence for Count Paolo Almerico, and inspired by Romeís Pantheon.
This is, for us, a symbol of the Vicenza area that elegantly expresses the souls of our three wineries.

If we might go further, this grid also recalls Leonardoís Vitruvian Man, in which classical thought and mathematical science coexist. Such concepts are well-expressed in agricultural reality: classical thought is the raw material, the unchanging territory, while mathematics is research, the putting together of the best techniques to better guarantee, satisfy and excite the consumer. All this is Vitevis.