Our main denominations

Bardolino DOC

From the morainic hills on the eastern slopes of Lake Garda. The soil is well exposed to the sun and the area has hot summers and mild winters.

Colli Berici DOC

From the Colli Berici, a hilly area very well exposed to the sun with a mild microclimate. Environmental conditions, therefore, are very favourable; the land here was already covered with vineyards many centuries in the distant ago.

Prosecco DOC

The variety of vine used for Prosecco is Glera, a grape that has been known since Roman times. This wine has been produced in the Veneto Region all over the area between Treviso, Vicenza, Venice, Padua and Belluno for centuries. 

Lessini DOC

The wine produced from the indigenous vines cultivated in this area, the Monti Lessini on the borders of the Provinces of Vicenza and Verona, a unique wine profile very well displayed by has interesting characteristics seen in products such as Durello Spumante, one of the most notable in our range.

Vicenza DOC

The area in which this wine is made is the Province of Vicenza. The DOC denomination was granted to the area in 2000 in order to protect the traditional wines at the basis of local production.

Gambellara DOC

This wine comes from a historic area with one of the most ancient wine traditions on the borders of the Provinces of Vicenza and Verona. The land of volcanic origin with basaltic soil, mainly in the form of earthy and crumbly tufa, is particularly suitable for vine cultivation: its natural fertility and high mineral content give the wine an extraordinary tone.

Soave DOC

The area of production of Soave is the eastern part of the arc of hills in the Province of Verona. This is a generous land of hills, with volcanic soil, gentle slopes covered with vineyards. The climate in this area, which has always had a strong vocation for vine growing, is mild and temperate.

Delle Venezie DOC

This denomination groups white grapevines that are suitable for cultivation in the Regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto and the Province of Trento. In Veneto, the area of Delle Venezie DOC lies in the Provinces of Belluno, Padua, Rovigo, Treviso, Venice, Verona and Vicenza, a terroir particularly appreciated for its historical authenticity and the passionate commitment of growers to preserve tradition with an eye onto the future.

Valpolicella DOC

The area of production of this denomination is located between the Lessini Hills (to the north-east) and Lake Garda (to the west); the land is very complex and diverse and it is mainly hilly.

Lugana DOC

The area is located in the south of Lake Garda with a Mediterranean climate that means hot summers and mild winters, a plain extending inland from the lake including Desenzano, Peschiera and Sirmione.

Custoza DOC

The area of this wine covers the hills between Verona and Lake Garda. The indigenous varieties of Garganega, Trebianello and Bianca Fernanda are used for wines of this denomination.

Garda DOC

This denomination takes its name from the area Lake Garda surrounding, its mainly hilly, its climate is one of hot summers and mild winters and rainfall is distributed over the year.

Recioto di Gambellara DOCG

The area of this denomination is the same as for Gambellara DOC. The vine is Garganega, whose bunches are carefully selected and afterwards dried in under controlled temperature and humidity rooms. 

Safeguarding and promoting the uniqueness of our wines

A territory, a wine, an identity: the uniqueness of the grape variety and the wine originated from a specific area is the result of interaction between man and nature. The wine profile may be very complex and the terroir plays a fundamental role, partcularly influcing its main ingredient: the grape.


• Pinot Grigio
• Glera
• Garganega
• Durella
• Chardonnay
• Trebbiano
• Sauvignon blanc
• Pinot bianco
• Verduzzo
• Riesling
• Traminer
• Moscato


• Merlot
• Cabernet
• Pinot Nero
• Tai Rosso
• Corvina
• Rondinella
• Barbera
• Raboso
• Syrah
• Carmenere

DOC and DOCG wines of the territory

• Gambellara
• Lessini Durello
• Colli Berici
• Vicenza
• Prosecco
• Soave
• Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie
• Garda
• Bardolino
• Lugana
• Custoza
• Valpolicella
• Arcole

IGT wines of the territory

• Veneto
• Delle Venezie
• Verona