Passion, skill and a unique terroir

Vitevis Cantine offers a wide range of products to suit the demands of various markets, and includes all the DOC wines of this territory
(Colli Berici, Gambellara, Lessini Durello, Prosecco, Soave and Vicenza) as well as certain Veneto IGT wines.
The range also includes an exclusive line of organic wines that find their natural setting within the production of the Cantina Val Leogra that uses the hilly, green belt of this territory to its best advantage.

Vitevis Cantine

Vitevis Cantine

As for the bulk wine market, Vitevis Cantine produces, sells and provides its Italian and overseas customers with fresh musts and/or desulphurized red and white musts, concentrated and rectified musts, red, white and rosé table wines, dark red wines, highly structured wines (with a high content of extracts and polyphenols), IGP and DOP wines.

Colli Vicentini

The Cantina Colli Vicentini offers a range of still, semi-sparkling and sparkling wines, carefully selected on the basis of the soil, and the peculiarities and character of this territory.

Cantina di Gambellara

The Cantina di Gambellara offers various types of wines produced from vineyards located in hilly areas that best express the character of this land: Charmat method sparkling wines and natural semi-sparkling wines, as well as elegant, fine wines that are produced after a careful selection of grapes in the vineyard and closely monitored vinification that gives rise to just a few thousand bottles and only in the best vintages.

Cantina Valleogra

The Cantina Valleogra offers wines that give clear expression to this territory and are produced only from grape varieties that are native to the Leogra Valley, including a highly valuable cultivation of Durella; this winery focuses particularly on organic wines..

Ca di Alte

“Classics vines for modern wines” clearly expresses the youthful soul of this more recent wine production in the Vicenza area.
The wines are an expression of the most classic and widely known grapes, such as Pinot Nero Veneto IGT, Merlot Veneto IGT, Sauvignon Veneto IGT and Pinot Grigio Veneto IGT.


Vitevis Cantine also offers an interesting range of wines packaged in steel drums (for the domestic market) and Polykegs for overseas markets.