The three wineries are located in the heart of the Veneto region, between Verona and Venice, in an ancient volcanic area that has provided the ideal terrain for viticulture for centuries thanks to its sunny exposure and pleasant climate.

Specifically, the Berici Hills have clayey soils formed from the tectonic uplift of a number of volcanic cones about 60 million years ago and are extremely well suited to adding structure to the wines, whereas in the Gambellara area, the soils are basaltic and endow the wines with more subtle aromas and fragrances.


The zoning carried out in the surrounding area has made it possible to identify the environmental contexts of the different terroirs in order to optimize grape-growing based on the characteristics and capabilities of the different wine-growing areas. The aim is to “put the right grape variety in the right place” and to promote and enhance the bond that the wine has with its territory.


Colli Berici DOC

The area of the Colli Berici is hilly with excellent exposure to the sun and a mild microclimate. The extremely favourable environmental conditions meant that vineyards were widely cultivated here even in far-off times.

Vicenza DOC

The production area includes the province of Vicenza and it was granted the DOC designation in 2000 in order to protect the traditional wines that are the basis of local production.

Gambellara DOC

This area, which has a history of wine-making that stretches back to ancient times, is located on the border between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona. The land is of volcanic origin with basaltic soils that give rise to earthy and crumbly tuffs that are particularly suitable to the cultivation of vines thanks to their natural fertility and high mineral content, which gives extraordinary accents to the wine.

Lessini DOC

The production area is located on the border between the province of Vicenza and the province of Verona and takes its name from the Lessini Mountains where native grape varieties with interesting characteristics are grown that are used to produce one of the most important products in our range: the Durello Spumante.

Prosecco DOC

The recently recognized DOC Prosecco was originally produced in Treviso and has only recently spread to other provinces in the Veneto Region.

Soave DOC

The Soave production area ​ covers the eastern part of the arc of hills in the province of Verona. This generous land rises over hills with volcanic soils and descends down gentle slopes and green expanses of vineyards. This area has always been important for viticulture and has a mild and temperate climate.