Vitevis Cantine

Cantine Vitevis Società Cooperativa Agricola (Winery and Agricultural Cooperative) was formally established on 1st July, 2015 by the merge of 3 Cantine Sociali (wineries) from the Province of Vicenza: Cantina di Gambellara (founded in 1947), Cantina Colli Vicentini in Montecchio Maggiore (founded in 1955) and Cantina Val Leogra in Malo (founded in 1961).

Instilled with the value of working together, these three cooperatives felt the need to create a single winery in order to effectively penetrate markets and to combine their strenghts, optimizing costs and investments, while promoting the wines produced to the benefit of all members and the local area as a whole.

A cooperative with more than 2,200 hectares of vineyards, 1,500 participating vine-growers and an average annual production of 36 millions kilos grapes and a wide selection of still and sparkling wines.


The winery aims to protect and enhance the uniqueness of our region’s wines and obtain optimum quality from the grapes brought by its members.

SINCE 1947

This year marks 70 years since the foundation of Cantina di Gambellara, the first cooperative winery in the province of Vicenza, established in 1947 on the ashes of the previous winery called Enopolio di Gambellara, operational from as far back as 1920.

Enopolio means /envolves into Monopoly, a name that emphasises the name of the brand new selection which contains little treasures: Garganega, a native vine in all its variations and shades starting from Soave, moving on to Gambellara Classico, until reaching Garganega dried in “picai” from which are produced Recioto and Vin Santo di Gambellara DOC, a denomination that the winery itself helped to draw up since its foundation.

Gambellara is a land of basalt, dark rocks and extinct volcano that have characterised tha area and added great aromatic finesse to the wines.

SINCE 1955

It was founded in April 1955 by 33 founding enthusiasts members led Tullio Pranovi, first president of the former Cooperative, and the first founding members, who has recently had a Prosecco DOC Millesimato dedicated to him as way to honour him and to emphasise the importance that the sparkling wine tradition has always played in this company.

Not only sparkling wine: the generous terrain of the Vicenza hills also provides incentive in creating great red wines such as Carlo V, obtained by drying international varieties (Merlot and Cabernet), which has already won numerous national and international awards.

Selections of wines mostly of a single variety, international and native grapes that have led this company to stand out in the national and international Ho.Re.Ca market for the exceptional value for money, the completeness of the range and the extraordinary flexibility and service.

SINCE 1961

The smallest winery in Veneto, despite being relatively young, is home to a wonderful museum dedicated to country life demostrating a significant bond to traditions and its origins.

At the foot of the Pedemontana (mountain range), in a particularly beautiful valley characterised in recent years by the promotion of the local products such as Asiago cheese and Durello wine, the winery has felt a strong vocation to protect its surrounding nature. As a result, in the merge and subsequent creation of Cantine Vitevis, this little corner of the world has been entrusted with an important task: to become a cooperative entirely dedicated to organic production.

The new LXI logo represents this close bond with nature and its colours ( the blue of the water, the green of the valley, and the brown of the soil) and at the same time represents the Roman numeral LXI = 61 the year of the winery’s foundation and the number of vine-growers, sixty in total, who look after Cantina Valleogra and its wines every day.


Vitevis Cantine controls the entire production cycle though every stage to ensure wines that are safe for consumers and produced from high quality, verified raw materials.
The group is certified to BRC, IFS and ISO 9001 Standards.

The certifications held, grant formal recognition of our constant application and maintenance of the highest level of quality standards throughout the production process and are a further guarantee of safety and reliability.